"Utterly addictive and psychologically delectable—Peñaflor’s second novel will shock at every twist and turn."        - KIRKUS, starred review ⭐️

"Seamlessly moving among narrative devices, Peñaflor keeps the tensions high and the pacing swift while giving each of the three young narrators a unique voice and perspective. She addresses the extremes of fan fervor and raises intriguing questions about authorial responsibility in this suspenseful and smart novel."

- Publishers Weekly

"...this twisty exploration of contemporary teen culture is as original as it is disturbing."

- BCCB, starred review ⭐️

"The unusual construct is highly effective and has the same addictive quality as sensational tabloids but with thoughtful themes and content."

- Booklist

"Peñaflor spins a thrilling, twisty story that will have you flipping the pages at warp-speed."

"Even with its addictive, soap opera-esque intrigue, Peñaflor’s characters remain distinct and believable. Deliciously sordid yet thought-provoking, this will be eaten up by teens. VERDICT A must-have for YA collections."

- School Library Journal, starred review ⭐️

"All of This Is True is meta without being confusing. What must have been a daunting creative undertaking for the author reads effortlessly. Peñaflor manages to propel her plot and deepen her characterization while tackling complex themes in a compulsively readable package resulting in a fantastic story that’s sure to be a bestseller." 

- BookPage

"It’s in every way a realistic and observant representation of our cyber culture and how celebs can be moulded to fit fans’ ideas of who they really are."

- Culturefly

“Devious, delicious, and gasp-worthy.”

- Kathleen Glasgow, New York Times bestselling

   author of Girl in Pieces


In this genre-defying page-turner from Lygia Day Peñaflor, four teens befriend their favorite YA novelist, only to find their deepest, darkest secrets in the pages of her next book—with devastating consequences.


Miri Tan loved the book Undertow like it was a living being. So when she and her friends went to a book signing to hear the author, Fatima Ro, they concocted a plan to get close to her.


Soleil Johnston wanted to be a writer herself one day. When she and her friends started hanging out with her favorite author, Fatima Ro, she couldn’t believe their luck—especially when Jonah Nicholls started hanging out with them, too.


Penny Panzarella was more than the materialist party girl everyone at the Graham School thought she was—and she was willing to share all her secrets with Fatima Ro to prove it.


Jonah Nicholls had more to hide than any of them. And now that Fatima’s next book is out in the world, he’s the one who is paying the price...

 - Nominated for BEST FICTION FOR YOUNG ADULTS 2019 by Young Adult Library Services Association of ALA


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"The book explores friendship, toxic relationships, obsession, betrayal and the need for boundaries. As the book unfolds, the reader’s perception of the various characters shifts and it becomes a psychological study of the various interactions, allowing the reader to interpret the actions of the teens and Fatima."